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With the growing competition among websites of all different kinds of businesses, users have become accustomed to more options and enhanced user experience. Unfortunately, their tolerance level for bad design and poor usability has become less. The following text uncovers the major effects on users when subjected to a poor website design.

Completing Tasks:-

  • It has been observed, that when people are subjected to a poor website design, more than 35% of them will not be able to complete simple tasks. Many users claim that the following issues hindered their experience the most :-
    • Many users complained that there was too much going on for them to focus on their task.
    • Some users got confused as there was a lack of proper information.
    • People also faced problems with the legibility of text.
    • A poor website design might not be easily navigable, due to which users gave up before completing their tasks.
    • The overall user experience was affected by:-
      • Too many Steps.
      • Too Much Clicking.
      • Too Much Scrolling.
      • Too Much Reading.

Other observations:-

  • More than 18% of users were more likely to share and comment after interacting with a highly usable website.
  • Naturally, people did not trust websites that were not usable and most of them never returned.
  • A website not being properly organised was the biggest factor contributing to customer dissatisfaction.
  • On average a person gave up within the first 60 seconds of their interaction with a poorly designed website.

For an organisation who wishes to provide the best website design, the above statistics should give a fair idea of the possible consequences if not done right.

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