Website Design

In this day and age, having your website is a very big deal. In fact, a website is so important that organisations are spending large amounts just to make sure that their website is relevant and among the top entries in a Search Engine’s Results Page (SERP). The following text highlights the important considerations that need to be made before embarking on website design  for your businesses.


The name of your website should be short, relevant and easy to remember so choose wisely. Many GREAT websites have failed miserably because they lacked an “easy to remember” and catchy name. You will also need to decide if you will be using .net, .org or .com.

Hosting and Technology:-

Before deciding on a website hosting firm, you will need to have a fairly good idea of how much capacity your website will need. Make sure you choose according to your website design. You should also seek advice about the technology that you will be using. This usually depends on your budget; for example some tools require an annual licence whereas other tools are free to use.

Purpose, Layout and Colour:

You should have a clear view of what your website will be used for; it can be for advertisement, personal or e-commerce. The layout and colour you choose for your Website Design  should be reminiscent of your purpose.

Content and Audience:-

Your website should contain content that is both informative and beneficial for promoting your brand. You should also know who your audience is your content should be able to attract them effectively.

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