The Most Common Mistakes made in Android Tablet Development

Today more that 84% of the smartphones around the world are running on Android, with Apple iOS coming in second at a measly 12% and the rest are comprised of Windows and Blackberry users. The reason that Android is so popular is because it’s free, it’s customisable and it’s rapidly growing not only on smartphones but also on smart watches, TVs and Cars. Even though we have come a long way from Android 1.0 to Marshmallow (6.0), people are still prone to making mistakes during Android Tablet Development. The following text elaborates on these mistakes.

Developing for iOS:-

Today, Apple is no longer setting the design standards. And that is why clients no longer want their apps to look and feel like an iOS app. Today if you are programming for Android make sure that you don’t make it look like an Apple App. Even though this mistake is not that common during Android Tablet Development, but every now and then we can see an app that is a clone of an iOS App.

Developing for a Single App:-

If you develop your app with just your device in mind, chances are that it will not look good with other devices. Android Tablet Development for several devices does not mean that you have to actually own several devices. You can make use of the various Emulators to get a better idea of the look and feel of your app running on various devices.

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