Important Roles Assumed in Game Design and Development

From the Initial Ideas to the final launch Game Design requires extensive planning, accurate implementation, rigorous testing and clever marketing. The following text explains the different roles assumed by people during Game Design and Development.


Game Animators are responsible for the depiction of movement and behaviour within the game.

Assistant Producer:-

The Assistant Producer will work with the Game Design and Development Staff to make sure that the finished product is delivered in time.

Audio Engineer:-

All music, sound effects and character sounds and voices are created by the Game’s Audio Engineers.

Creative Director:-

Creative Directors are responsible for the overall look and feel of the game.

External Producer:-

The Role of an External Producer (if assumed) makes sure that the game is completed and delivered successfully while working externally from the game.

Game Designer:-

Give their extensive knowledge of the Game Design and Development especially on how the game is played and what its core elements are.

Game Programmer:-

Game Programmers are responsible for writing the code that actually runs the game.

Game Artist:-

Game artists are responsible for the visual elements of the game such as the characters, scenery and surface.

Lead Artist:-

Lead Artist is responsible for the overall design and look of the game.

Lead Programmer:-

The Lead Programmer leads the programming team responsible creating all the game’s program code.

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