The Types of Magento Website Development Magento! What is it?

Magento is an online Hosted Ecommerce platform for businesses, both large and small, that allows you to create an online store to sell your products quickly. Magento’s point and click nature allows for easy creation of websites without the hassle of web servers and even source code. The following text elaborates on the benefits of using Magento Website Development.

Platform is Scalable:-

Magento is a platform that is capable of growing with your business. It is also easily customised for your business needs. Magento comes in three different versions:-

  • Magento Enterprise Edition:-
    • This is a high performance scalable ecommerce solution that offers flexibility to create feature-packed e commerce website for desktops and mobile devices. It can incorporate hundreds of extensions that allow you to integrate your e commerce application to other platforms.
  • Magento Go:-
    • This version of Magento Website Development is primarily focused on small businesses. It offers flexible design, powerful marketing and even 24/7 Support.
  • Magento Community Edition:-
    • This version is meant for developers who wish to explore the flexibility of Magento Website Development with its community based support. This version of Magento is open source, which means that you are likely to receive a wide range of support from all over the globe.

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